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"Yoga has changed my life, specifically Diane's restorative yoga class. I was having some anxiety issues, a feeling at 61 which I did not expect. I was always on the go, and then I hit the wall. Diane's restorative yoga has calmed me down immensely and given me back my emotional and physical strength. It is the perfect introduction to yoga. Diane also gears the class towards helping all parts of the body. She even accepts personal requests. Her class is something I vow not to miss". ~ Cathy

Yoga has been a part of my life for over 30 years. When I began my practice I was looking for a means to calm my mind and discipline my body. I found that regular practice improved my physical and mental balance as well as strengthening my body.

As I got older I was drawn to the less rigorous practices of yoga. My younger days had taken a toll on my physical condition and I needed a more restorative practice as opposed to the active/flowing asana practice that I had been doing before. This gave me an opportunity to move inward and discover more of my divine light.

With a class such as Diane’s Restorative Yoga I am able to relax into the supported poses more fully and experience stillness in my mind and body. The use of props to facilitate relaxation is a great technique and one that I will continue to make use of as long as I can". ~ Sally, age 62, retired communications construction technician

About 2 years ago, my health care professionals recommended Yoga as an alternative approach to handling menopausal symptoms. I was 49 years old, an overworked professional with two kids, and not really looking for one more thing to add to my “To Do” List! After I did some research, including the Mayo Clinic website, I decided to try a few classes with Diane. I found Diane’s gentle and nurturing approach to yoga easy for a novice, and her yoga guidance to accommodate an individual’s health concerns very helpful. I started seeing results within a short time and after practicing for two years, I feel better overall, more flexible and stronger. I practice yoga twice a week, or more! Thanks Diane"! ~ Jill

"I love yoga and having been doing it several times a week over the last few years. I noticed that my back was starting to bother me, especially when I did a lot of backbends. I went to Diane’s back-pain yoga workshop and fell in love. There are lots of asanas I want to continue to do, and Diane has shown me how to do each one safely and comfortably. She also is an expert with props and restorative poses. Diane has such a beautiful voice that you will never want Savasana to end. If you have a chance to try a class with Diane, you won’t be sorry". ~ Jennifer

"I can't say enough about the benefits of yoga.  It stills my mind, heals my body, and nourishes my soul.  Diane's yoga classes always leave me happily re-connected with that peaceful place within". ~ Jeanne

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